You may already know the most well-known greeting in Chinese, nihao. Do you know what it means?

Nihao actually has two characters: 你[nǐ] means “you” and 好[hǎo ] means “well”.

Nihao [nǐhǎo] is the most generic greeting, just like “hello”. The word 好[hǎo] can be used for more specific greetings.

For example:

早上[zǎo shang] 好 [hǎo ]                  Morning + Well (Good Morning)

晚上[wǎn shang]  好 [hǎo ]               Evening + Well (Good Evening)

老师[lǎo shī] 好 [hǎo ]                        Teacher + Well (Hello Teacher)

 老板[lǎo bǎn] 好 [hǎo ]                       Boss + Well (Hello Boss)

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