Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Mandarin Quarter provides the high quality business Chinese courses which ranges from the beginner levels to the advanced levels, with a wide range of useful topics and learning materials particularly catering to business activities. We help businesses, government organisations and local communities develop a better understanding of Chinese language and culture. With expertise in Chinese culture and staff well versed in both the Chinese and UK environment.

We offer training in:

  • cross-cultural communication
  • business etiquette and practices
  • advice on relocation and repatriation.
  • Chinese society and cultural habits.

Our Corporate Group Training Courses:

The Chinese Language & Culture Course is the all-round solutions to build a multilingual team who has the confidence to engage in effective communication with your Chinese customers and partners.

  • 10-12 weeks course
  • 1-2 hours class over lunch break, afternoon or evening.
  • Clear set learning objectives and milestones designed to your needs.
  • Course material specially planned to include language skill, vocabulary and case studies relevant to your business’s envisaged interaction with Chinese customers and partners.
  • Experienced and certified native language tutors
  • Interactive teaching approach to engage your team and encourage them to put learning into practical use.

Our Culture Awareness Course is the perfect solutions for companies who deal with Chinese customer on a regular basis, but do not necessarily need to speak the language.

  • Half day- 2 days course.
  • Experienced tutors who have vast experienced in dealing with both Chinese and UK businesses.
  • Course contents tailored to your business’s specific needs.
  • In-depth discussion on cultural concepts and case studies.
  • Interactive activities such as simulation role-play

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