About us

About us

Many people think Mandarin Chinese is a mysterious language, with unfamiliar concepts such as characters and tones. At Mandarin Quarter, our goal is to demystify Mandarin and offer you an enjoyable learning journey.

We understand that learning Chinese is a challenge. That’s why we provide fully interactive lessons which will bring fun back into the classroom. Our students learn with interactive exercises, role-playing and games, which will give you more confidence when using Mandarin in real life situations. Unlike other schools which emphasise “studying” the language, we focus on “using” it.

Cultural awareness is important when learning any language. We host regular networking and social events in order for you to gain a better understanding of Chinese culture, with people who share the same interest as you.

Come and join us as we give you a head start in learning the language of the future!

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We are constantly looking for experienced teachers to join our team. Please email your CV to enquiry@mandarinquarter.com.